Sixth Form



Psychology can be defined as the systematic study of behaviour and the physiological and cognitive processes that underlie it. It aims to describe, explain, predict and modify behaviour. It is an academic subject with close links to biology and sociology.

Psychology is practical; it offers a vast store of information and suggestions about issues that concern everyone. These range from broad social issues such as how to improve eyewitness testimony, to highly personal ones such as ways of controlling anger or stress. Psychology offers a way of asking precise questions about key issues in society and of testing ideas using a logical and rigorous approach.

Why should I choose this course?

Psychology is an interesting and challenging subject which allows you to gain a better understanding of human behaviour and how the mind works. It considers psychological theories and how they are developed using scientific means. It allows you to develop analytical skills through critical evaluation of scientific methods and approaches, and promotes independent resilient learning.

Psychology involves looking at the forces that drive and determine human behaviour; how people think, act, react and interact. It is the study of human (and animal) behaviour, and the thoughts and emotions that influence behaviour.

You will study some of the most important and interesting research from around the world. In your first year, you will look at a range of different areas helping to explain behaviour and applying what you have learned to real life situations; for example, how eyewitness testimony can be affected by the wording in a question and factors that influence whether someone helps in an emergency situation.

You will also learn how to carry out research effectively, for example, designing experiments, evaluating scientific research, using statistics effectively and dealing with ethical issues. Psychology is a fascinating and challenging subject which can provide you with a wide variety of transferable skills and open up a number of career opportunities.

First year subjects will be – Social Influence, Memory, Attachment, Approaches in Psychology, Biopsychology, Psychopathology, Research Methods

Second year subjects – Compulsory will be Issues & Debates in Psychology. Optional Content will be Option 1 Relationships, Gender and Cognition & Development. Option 2 Schizophrenia, Eating Behaviour and Stress. Option 3 Aggression, Forensic Psychology and Addiction.  


All pupils must have achieved a grade 6 or above in an Additional Science and a grade 6 or above in Mathematics and English.


What degree courses and career opportunities does this open up? Agriculture, Biotechnology, Dentistry, Food Science, Forensics, Forestry, HR, Marine Biology, Medicine, Marketing, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Plant Sciences, Psychology, Sport Science, Veterinary Science