Sixth Form

Film Studies

Course Leader: Mr R. Howse

Course Information:

Film Studies is an exhilarating exploration into the dynamic world of cinema, designed to captivate learners with an in-depth understanding of the art of filmmaking and its profound impact on global culture and society. Our comprehensive Film Studies program is meticulously crafted to ignite a passion for cinema while fostering a critical appreciation of the diverse forms, genres, and movements within the rich tapestry of film history. We offer an extensive range of study materials and resources, including a diverse selection of mainstream American classics, contemporary British gems, influential global films, and thought-provoking independent productions. Delving into the depths of documentary filmmaking, experimental cinema, and the art of short films, students will gain a holistic perspective on the multifaceted nature of the cinematic medium.


At the heart of our program lies a hands-on approach to learning, where learners will have the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge to the creative process of film production. By engaging in practical filmmaking projects and screenwriting exercises, students will harness their creative potential and develop a nuanced understanding of the intricate craftsmanship behind every cinematic masterpiece. Our goal is to inspire a new generation of filmmakers equipped with the technical expertise and critical acumen necessary to shape the future of the silver screen.


Entry Requirements:

Grade 6 is required in English literature or language



This program in Film Studies provides a solid foundation for higher education in Film Studies or related fields, as well as for pursuing vocational qualifications or employment opportunities. It offers a stimulating and culturally valuable course of study, preparing students for the dynamic landscape of the film industry and providing a comprehensive understanding of the art of filmmaking. The program fosters critical skills and practical knowledge relevant to a range of creative and analytical professions, making it a valuable choice for students with diverse career aspirations.



Film Studies A-level is assessed by written examination and a coursework portfolio. Students will sit two examinations at the end of the second year with Eduqas.