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  • Gojimo - A revision app that covers 28 GCSE subjects, 20 A level subjects, and much more

  • A Chemical Orthodoxy - A list of Q&A spreadsheets for retrieval practice, including History, English Lit, IB Business Management, A-level Psychology, RE, Sociology, Philosophy, and lots on science

  • Remote learning @SPryke2 (via Dropbox) - Revision guides and remote learning guides for GCSE English lit – Christmas Carol, Inspector Calls, MacBeth

  • Born to Engineer (The science of bubbles) - Video clips, practical activities, worksheets and further reading for KS3

  • Ormston Meridian Academy Faculty of Science - Includes SLOP (shed loads of practice) sheets, knowledge organisers, recall roulette spreadsheets

  • Eedi - Craig Barton’s maths resources

  • NRich (University of Cambridge) - Secondary Maths activities and games

  • BBC Bitesize on BBC website - Provides interactive activities mapped against the national curricula for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Covers Early Years, Primary, Secondary and 16+

  • BrainPOP - Free resources on a range of subjects, both traditional school-based subjects and topical subjects

  • Children’s University of Manchester - A suite of activities and resources covering History, Languages, Science, Art and Design, and student life

  • Discovery education (US-based website) - Videos, activities, printable resources on a wide range of topics. (some free content available)

  • Kahoot - A free platform where you can create quizzes, or use quizzes made by others. Children can play individually or in teams. Requires two screens (currently offering premium service to schools for free)

  • Khan Academy - A vast library of online learning courses. Running daily schedules for students aged 4-18 during school closures

  • Learning by Questions - A wide-ranging resource covering English, Maths, Science at primary and secondary. Designed to be an in-class teaching and learning tool but can be used to deliver question sets to pupils at home

  • MemRise - A free and interactive platform for learning languages

  • Myths and Legends - Provides information, activities and resources for teachers

  • Outschool - Online lessons at scheduled times covering a wide range of topics. (offering free live online classes during school closures)

  • Picture News - They send out a topical picture, with learning resources, each week (free access currently)

  • Scholastic Classroom Magazine (US-based website) - Learn at Home, 20 day-by-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking, and growing

  • Seneca - A huge range free online courses and resources covering a wide range of courses, from primary to 16+. Also includes CPD for teachers

  • Smart School House - Lots of creative ideas for craft projects to do at home

  • Travel and Leisure - Virtual tours of 12 famous museums

  • Typing Club - Learn to touch type for free

  • Young Writers - Regular writing competitions for primary and secondary age children

  • Brighter Futures for Children - Stay at home activities

  • Audible - Free audiobooks for kids

  • English Mastery - Downloadable resource books providing 12 weeks of activities covering writing and poetry

  • English and Media Centre - Downloadable resources covering a range of texts for key stage 3. GCSE resources are categorised by examination board

  • Pobble 365 - A new image is published each day as a basis for creative writing. Story starters, questions and drawing ideas are provided

  • Poetry by Heart - A wide selection of poetry covering different topics

  • Seneca - A range of downloadable resources covering the GCSE curriculum, categorised by examination board

  • The Children's Poetry Archive - An archive of spoken poetry recordings. Pupils can listen to poems being read aloud

  • The Day newsletter - A daily newsletter for parents and carers at home with children, helping to enrich learning with real-world knowledge and skills

  • Bowland Maths Resources - Downloadable assessments on a range of subjects, including sample answers and assessment tips

  • Corbett Maths - A range of videos and downloadable questions categorised by topic and predicted grade

  • Hegarty Maths - Interactive activities including videos and questions. Teachers can track student progress and tailor next steps

  • Integral Core Maths Platform - Activities with the ability for teachers to allocate and track pupils progress

  • MangaHigh - Interactive maths resources, including topic-specific questions and games that allow teachers to track student progress and set activities

  • Mathigon - Interactive maths resources that allow teachers and parents to track student progress and set activities

  • Maths Kitchen - An interactive GCSE revision website. Resources are categorised by topic, including video lessons and practice questions

  • Mathematics Mastery - Downloadable guidance and resource packs for parents and pupils

  • Nrich - A range of activities. Some are interactive and some are to be completed offline. Activities are categorised by age range

  • Nrich Core Maths - Games and puzzles as well as mathematical-thinking and problem-solving questions. Content is categorised by topic and age group

  • Nrich "Solving Together" project - This is a project that provides activities for parents and carers to try with children

  • Sparx - A virtual classroom which supports teachers in building and running lessons as well as tracking pupil progress

  • STEP Support Programme - It is offered by the University of Cambridge to help university applicants develop their advanced mathematical problem-solving skills and prepare for STEP mathematics exams. Assessments are downloadable

  • Top Marks - A range of interactive maths games categorised by age group

  • Underground Maths - A range of interactive tasks and questions linked to the A level maths and further maths curriculums

  • White Rose Maths (home learning) - Presentations and downloadable workbooks which are easy to use for parents. New material is being released each week

  • Institute of Physics (IOP) - A set of articles and resources designed to support teachers who are teaching remotely

  • Isaac Physics - Online problem-solving activities to support teachers and students. The content focusses on physics but also covers some maths and chemistry

  • Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) - A set of articles and resource designed to support teachers who are teaching remotely

  • STEM Learning (Home learning) - An online resource bank, which links to resources on external websites. The site features a live chat function offering support from subject experts. New home learning resources are being developed

  • Fitness Blender - Videos featuring a range of exercises and workouts. You can choose exercises by: degree of difficulty, type, gender and whether equipment is needed or not

  • #ThisIsPE - Videos delivered by teachers by teachers focussing on the PE curriculum which are accessible on YouTube

  • BPS - Advice on dealing with school closures and talking to children about COVID-19

  • Children’s Society - Information and support on different aspects of mental health and wellbeing

  • MindEd - An educational resource for all adults on children and young people’s mental health

  • Rise Above - Videos with tips on gaining confidence, dealing with anxiety and coping strategies from other young people

  • The Child Bereavement Network - Advice on supporting grieving children during the coronavirus outbreak

Kahoot distance learning Guide 

YouTube channels

Student and Parent Guide to Microsoft Teams
The Brain Scoop
Crash Course Kids
Free School
Geek Gurl Diaries
Geography Focus
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Kids Learning Tube
Joe Wicks - During school closures, Joe is broadcasting a live 30-minute PE lesson at 9am every morning
Mike Likes Science
National Geographic Kids
Science Channel
SciShow KidsScience Max