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groupcall Messenger

We use groupcall Messenger in school which allows us to contact you quickly and efficiently.

Messenger gives us the ability to send text messages to your mobile phone. We also use it to send you emails. This facility enables us to get a message to one parent or the whole school very quickly. We may use the Messenger system to advise you of the following:

  • School closures
  • Advice / acknowledge that your child is absent from school
  • Changes to meets and after school events
  • Unauthorised absence reminder notices
  • Parents evenings
  • School trip reminders and updates
  • Upcoming special school events
  • General information about what is going on at school
  • Notification that news letters have been sent home

Depending on the reason for contacting you, we either send an email or a text message to your mobile phone. We may also choose to send some messages in duplicate (i.e. via text & email).

Text Messages - All text messages sent from school will come from BHFCS and have BHFCS displayed at the top of the message. We will be able to see from school when the message has arrived in your phone and so we will know you have received it. If we are asking for information, please provide that information in the normal way (i.e. by telephone, by person, by letter to the school)

Messenger is our first method of reaching parents, so it is important that your contact information is kept up to date. Please ensure that the school office has all your current contact details, especially your current mobile phone number and email address, and advise us immediately if any of these change.

If you have any queries, please contact us.