Sixth Form


BSP 0395
BSP 0401


A Level Fine Art develops understanding of visual language and creative processes to enable fluent self- expression through visual mediums and sets the challenge of interpreting the world through personal experiences.

An A Level Art project is an exciting journey of discovery and adventure which will hone practical skills and engender enjoyment in the therapeutic and tactile qualities of art making.

The subject is concerned with the development of the complex mental processes involved in visual perception and aesthetic experiences. Art enhances fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills and lateral thinking skills – which all support performance in other subjects, as well as giving an advantage in further education and vocations.

The KS5 programme of study gives students the opportunity to build on their experiences at GCSE within a much more personal and independent journey. This process will be supported by the Art staff, who will endeavour to tailor the course to individual skills and aptitudes. Students will explore themes and contexts, and then use this as a basis for developing practical Art and Design skills. Students will be given the opportunity to experiment with a range of 2D and 3D media and to create large scale pieces of Art. Component 1 is a coursework unit comprising of practical work and an essay based on themes and ideas developed from personal starting points. Component 2 is an exam unit. Students receive a paper on 1st February in Year 13 containing a theme and suggested starting points.  Students complete the final design under exam conditions.

Candidates should have achieved Grade 5 or above in GCSE Art. As there is a written element for each project, it is desirable to have achieved a Grade 4 in GCSE English Language.

This course will give you the skills to enjoy, engage with and produce visual arts throughout your life. You will develop transferable skills, such as problem solving, communication and critical thinking skills, which will prepare you for further study or the world of work, regardless of the subject or career you wish to pursue. If you want to want to pursue a career in the creative industries, this course will support your progression towards an undergraduate degree in your chosen specialist field (e.g. software design, web design, game design, animation, interior design, fashion, journalism, theatre, photography, architecture, television, museum and arts administration, advertising, art therapy, conservation and restoration, and teaching).

A qualification in Art and Design will compliment other subjects to give you a wider skill set, making you stand out in the job market as part of a smaller subset of multi-skilled professionals.