Sixth Form

English Language

BSP 0392


The English Language A-Level course aims to combine the skills of reading with interest, understanding and enjoyment and an ability to think and write critically and analytically. Throughout the course, students will be encouraged to pursue their own investigative interests into the very nature of language itself. They will study and develop analytical skills to apply to a wide range of short non-fiction from a variety of current and contemporary sources such as Twitter or the Guardian, with a key aspect of the course to develop their own opinions on key debates and theories of language.  Students will learn to critique others’ perspectives and indeed be a critical evaluator themselves. They will also learn about the history of language, global versions of English, accent, dialect, multi modal versions, sociolects, anti- languages, language gatekeeping and their own idiolects.


Grade 7 in GCSE English Language


Traditionally English Language students go on to higher education; occupational interests usually covers journalism, law, teaching, writing occupations, marketing, events management and Media based roles.