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Curriculum expectations in our Specialist Mathematics and Performing Arts College

We expect our students to achieve good GCSEs including RE, English, Mathematics and at least two sciences eg Physics, Chemistry or Biology.  We also expect, now, and in the future, at least 60%- 70% % of our pupils to achieve at least five good GCSEs including English and Mathematics.

The Blessed Hugh Faringdon curriculum has RE as its central core and also has excellent English and Mathematics teaching to provide the strongest possible platform for success in all subjects. We will set very high achievement targets for all pupils and organise the curriculum and teaching to make it possible for all pupils to reach their targets. Pupils entering the school with attainment below the level expected for their age will follow a curriculum designed to accelerate their progress so that they can participate fully and this will mean more intensive support in literacy and numeracy for some children.

We offer a full curriculum at GCSE and A level and a selection of other courses to ensure a programme which challenges and meets the needs of all pupils.

"Catholic schools are guided in all they do by an important and coherent vision of education. This vision is based on the truth revealed by God about ourselves, our life together in community and our ultimate destiny with God…The aims of [the Catholic Church’s] schools are to help everyone within the school community to grow in faith; to make the most of every ability they have been given; to achieve academic excellence and to prepare well for adult life in a modern and diverse society"
Pastoral letter from the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, 2008.

Grading has moved to a 9-1 scale instead of the A*-G scaling

In the new grading system:

  • 9 is higher than a current A*
  • 8 is between and A* and A
  • 7 is are equal to an A
  • 6 is equivalent to a high B
  • 5 is between a B and C (strong pass)
  • 4 is equal to a grade C (standard pass)
  • 3 is in between a D and E
  • 2 is between an E and F
  • 1 is a G
  • U refers to an ungraded paper

The table below compares the grades 9-1 to the A*-G grading structure:

5 (strong pass)
4 (standard pass)

Details of the school’s curriculum, content and approach, by academic year and by subject (including details of GCSE options and other qualifications offered at Key Stage 4).

The schools curriculum and allocation of time within the curriculum are as follows:

Years 7, 8 and 9

Pupils follow a broad based curriculum pattern organised to reflect the requirements of the National Curriculum.
Percentages of time spent on each subject:

Subject Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Religious Education 10 10 10
Mathematics 16 16 16
English 16 16 16
Science 10 10 10
French 7 7 7
Geography 7 7 7
History 7 7 7
Music 3 3 3
Art 3 3 3
Design and Technology - Materials and Food 7 7 7
Physical Education (inc Dance) 10 10 10
Drama 3 3 3
Reading 3 3  

Pupils are placed in teaching groups according to ability in English, Maths, RE, Science, History, Geography and French.  In Music, Drama, ICT, Dance, PE and D&T, pupils are taught in smaller, mixed ability groupings.​

Year 10 and 11

Percentages of time spent on each subject:

Subject Year10 Year 11
Religious Education 10 10
English Language and Leterature 16 16
Mathematics 16 16
Science (Double Award) or BTEC Science 20 20
Physical Education (Non Exam) 3 3


Option subjects for Key Stage 4 are:

Business, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, Geography, Music, Art, PE, Health and Social Care, History, Drama, Food Preparation and Nutrition, DT Product Design, Double Science, Sociology, Polish.

KS3 booklets are available below.

Alternatively, please make an appointment to meet with Mr B Winsor, our Deputy Headteacher, if you want more detailed information about the curriculum we offer.

Blessed Hugh Faringdon


Year 13 Leavers’ Mass with Fr Michael from our parish of English Martyrs’ -recognising the important few months ahead and the new chapter opening up...

13 May