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The Golden Triangle

The Catholic school helps in the formation of the young person, but it does not do this alone. The first and principal educators are the parents and carers, from whom children and young people learn so much about life, good choices and how to form relationships. For Catholics, this formation is complemented by the work of the parish – the place of worship which, itself assists in the formation of the young people, not least in attending Mass and celebrating the other sacraments such as reconciliation and confirmation. In a school welcoming children from a range of religious traditions, we recognise the benefit of children being part of their own faith community and growing in an understanding of what constitutes a life well-lived. Finally, The Catholic school is distinctive from other schools in aligning faith in Jesus Christ with the provision of an excellent, rounded education.  Below, we hear from Home, in the form of a Blessed Hugh parent, from the parish and from the school – the three elements of the Golden Triangle.