Main School

Journey to Outstanding


  • Staff
  • Parents
  • Wider stakeholders

Student Experience

  • Standards
  • Levelling Up
  • Inclusivity

Local & Regional Leadership

  • Leadership in the community
  • Centre of excellence
  • Regional reach

Sixth Form

  • Growth
  • Standards
  • Unique offer

Sustainable School

  • Financial sustainability
  • Site development
  • Ethical operations

Consistency in teaching

  • Pedagogy aligned
  • Peer-to-peer coaching
  • Research-informed practice

Consistency in whole-staff development

  • Full-year calendar
  • Driven by in-house practitioners
  • Ongoing evaluation of impact

Consistency in behaviour management

  • Consistency in class
  • Underpinned by positivity
  • Ongoing – no fads

Consistency in leadership at all levels

  • Senior
  • Middle
  • Accountability and drive

Consistency in student guidance and support

  • Optimal communication
  • Therapeutic and supportive
  • All students know they are cared for and matter equally

Consistency in school operations by all staff

  • No surprises
  • Processes streamlined and optimised
  • Smart accountability

We will continue to be systems' leaders in our community and region

  • Launch "Koinonia" networked learning project
  • Independent evaluation of impact
  • Share model with Local Authority and elsewhere