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Charging Policy

In conformity with the requirements of the Education Reform Act 1988, it is the policy of the Governing Body:

  1. To make no charge in respect of books, materials, equipment, instruments or incidental transport provided in connection with the National Curriculum, statutory Religious Education or in preparation for prescribed public examinations or courses taught at the school, except where parents have indicated their wish to purchase the product.

  2. To request voluntary contributions from parents for school activities in or out of school time for which compulsory charges cannot be levied but which can only be provided if there is sufficient voluntary funding, whilst ensuring that no pupil is excluded from such activity by reason of inability or unwillingness to make a voluntary contribution.

  3. To make a charge for activities wholly or mainly outside school hours which are not part of the National Curriculum, statutory Religious Education or in preparation for a prescribed public examination.

  4. To make, except where pupils are entitled to statutory remission, a charge for all board and lodging costs on residential visits.

  5. To seek payment from parents for damage to or loss of school property caused wilfully or negligently by their children.

  6. To leave to the Head’s discretion, the proportion of costs of an activity which should be charged to public or non-public funds.

  7. To delegate to the Chairman and the Head the determination of any individual case arising from the implementation of this policy.

  8. To make no charge for examinations entries, except where:

  • The school has not prepared pupils for the examination in the year for which the entry is made

  • A pupil has failed, for no good reason, to complete the requirements of the examinations or to attend for it.

  • A parent insists upon Examination entry contrary to the professional advice of the subject teacher and Head of Department.

Trips involving a residential element

A charge may be made for the residential part of the trip.  Consult Head for specific details.

Trips which are purely voluntary

A charge may be made for the cost of the trip or visit

Other Trips

A voluntary contribution could be requested or the full cost could be met from Departmental and School Budgets.

Remission of Charges

Where parents are in receipt of Income Support or Family Credit, charges may be remitted at the discretion of the Principal Finance Officer.

Other Charges

Charges can be made for the following items:

  • Cost of replacement exercise books, where they have been lost by pupils

  • Overdue library books

  • Hire of PE kit

  • Contribution to minibus hire for matches

  • The sale of non-essential items which can be purchased in bulk by the school and re-sold at prices lower than commercially available, e.g. Scientific Calculators.

  • A small returnable deposit may be charged, to ensure proper return, for the use of additional textbooks in Year 11 to help students in revision.

  • Replacement costs of equipment damaged or broken through non-accidental usage.

  • Private photocopying

  • Hire and deposit fee for lockers

  • Replacement day books

A voluntary contribution of £10 per pupil is requested from parents termly, to support the Diocesan Building fund.

The contents of the following letter should be included in any letter to parents requesting contributions towards the cost of an activity:

Dear Parent

The outline arrangements have been made for a proposed educational visit to (description of activity and educational relevance).  Your child has the opportunity to take part in this visit.

It will be necessary to ask for voluntary contributions to enable this visit to take place.
The suggested contribution for each pupil is £_______.

The contribution is voluntary, but the visit is subject to there being sufficient funds available to cover the costs.  Would you please indicate your agreement on the proforma below.

The school is, as always, grateful for your support.

Yours sincerely

Name: ___________________________________________       Form: _____________________

I wish my son/daughter to take part in the proposed visit.

I am willing to contribute £______________.

Signed: _______________________________________(Parent)          Date: ________________


All monies must be recorded and processed through the Finance Office.