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School Building Fund

£30 per family per year

Sending your child to a Roman Catholic School involves a greater commitment from parents compared to other neighbourhood schools. Generations of parents who have sent their children to Catholic schools have accepted that their schools are not fully funded by the State so that the balance of funding required is met by the school community. At present, this balance is 10% of the cost of school building projects.

Blessed Hugh Faringdon Catholic School Building Fund is supported by the Portsmouth Diocese. Over the past few years, the Diocese has given us £220,000 towards a range of building projects that have transformed our school. This support has been gained by the school paying the Diocese £5,000 a term since April 2000. We have been substantial beneficiaries of this fund. We are keen to continue to make our contribution to a fund which so clearly benefits our school community and the wider cause of education in Catholic schools.

The school must continue to improve its facilities and needs your continued support for the building fund which has served us so well up to now.

To achieve this goal, we need every family to support us. That support amounts to £30.00 per family per year. Rather than writing each year to remind you of these contributions, we propose collecting your contribution by building society/bankers order (standing order). If you are happy with this method of payment, a building society/bankers order form is attached below for you to sign and return to the school. It provides for one payment each year of £30, to be taken on or around the 1st September. It will remain in force until your child is no longer a pupil at Blessed Hugh Faringdon Catholic School.

Our parents' support is greatly appreciated and I trust you will respond positively to our request for your help by completing and returning the form below. If you have any queries, please contact us.