Sixth Form

16-19 Tuition Fund Statement

The Government introduced the 16 to 19 tuition fund in 2020-2021 and it will continue for 2021-2022. It is ring fenced funding for schools, colleges and all other 16 to 19 providers to mitigate the disruption to learning arising from coronavirus (COVID-19).

The guidance related to the fund means that:

  • Only learners who do not have 5-9 passes in either or both English and Maths GCSE at the end of KS4 can be supported by this fund.
  • The Fund is not limited to supporting GCSE Maths and English but can be for any aim in the learner’s programme of study.
  • The need for support will be determined and agreed between the eligible learners and staff.
  • Typically support will be in the form of small group tuition over and above the teaching timetabled for that subject.

It is up to the discretion of the provider to decide the most appropriate approach to resourcing the delivery of small group tuition supported through the fund. For 2020-2021, Blessed Hugh Faringdon School have been allocated £2174 and for 2021-2022 £2769

The EEF recommend three groups of strategies for schools to support students who may have fallen behind due to Covid-19: teaching and whole-school strategies supporting high quality teaching, pupil assessment and feedback, transition support.

  • Blessed Hugh Faringdon School ensures that staff receive regular training on whole school teaching strategies conducted through INSET training sessions. Opportunities to share good practice are made available to staff through teaching and learning briefings, peer observations and peer-led skills-focused INSET.
  • Subject-specific assessments are used to identify particular areas where students have forgotten or misunderstood key concepts in prior learning; assessments will happen twice termly within subject areas. Opportunities to feedback and re-teach specific areas of the courses will also be built into curriculum time. To assess a broader range of knowledge that students will have acquired over a longer period of
    time, students will be assessed through two sets of mock examinations during the course of Year 13, and one set during the course of Year 12.
  • Targeted approaches: Small group tuition, intervention programmes, additional resources to support individual catch-up work. Small group tuition is a targeted approach that has great impact as a catch-up strategy. There are a range of steps that BHF have taken to ensure students are able to access high-quality small group tuition. Firstly, students who have not achieved Grade 5+ in English or Maths by age 16 have been identified in Year 12 and 13. Through RSL meetings with Curriculum Leaders, student performance has been analysed and students who have not achieved their Grade 5+ in English or Maths GCSE, and are underperforming in one or more subject, have been identified. We are using small-group sessions to support the identified students.

Our commitment

The School is committed to ensuring the tuition fund is used in accordance with the Government’s guidance on the 16 to 19 tuition fund by:

  • producing this statement setting out how the fund will be used to support the most disadvantaged students
  • publishing this guidance on the School website
  • recording the use of the fund, including references to individual students who receive support, the needs of those students, the number of hours of tuition delivered and retain the evidence of the tuition provided
  • deliver the extra tuition and spend the allocated funds within the timescales per
  • notify the Education Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) of any underspend from the Fund for it to be reclaimed

Full details regarding the government fund can be found here