Sixth Form

Health & Social Care - BTEC

BSP 0097


To support fluidity, the curriculum taught at KS5 is provided by the same awarding body as KS4.It does not limit progression options because the skills acquired are applicable to a range of future pathways.

Learners will also research health and social care services in their local community. They will look at how people access the local health and social care services provided and the support that is given in the local community. Learners will be given the opportunity to demonstrate and apply the key care values to scenarios. Learners will develop skills in measuring and interpreting data about someone’s physiological health to design a care plan that will allow them to analyse and improve their health and wellbeing. Overall, learners should be given the opportunity to self-reflect about choices they make and how they affect others. Learners may be given the opportunity to visit and take part in work experience in a variety of setting such as pre-schools, primary schools and nursing homes. It will also be an intention to raise student aspirations by developing key links with universities for all students. Learners will also be able to draw on the knowledge and skills acquired from other GCSE subjects where relevant. Learners can use the knowledge and skills from GCSEs generally, giving them the opportunity to apply their academic knowledge to everyday and work contexts.



Are you interested in how we develop physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially during our lives? Would you like to know more about how individual needs are met, and about the work of professionals in the health and social care sector? If so, this course may be for you.

This course includes developing communication skills, an understanding of the importance of equality and diversity and health safety and security in a health and social care environment. Both the GCSE course and the Level 3 course covers development through the life stages, anatomy and physiology and a variety of other key areas.

Health and Social Care BTEC is a vocational qualification in which students will continually apply their learning to Health and Social work based environments.  This course includes  Human Lifespan Development, Working in Health and Social Care, Meeting Individual Care and Support Needs, Enquires into Current Research in Health and Social Care, as well as units covering; Sociological Perspectives, Promoting Public Health, Physiological Disorders and their Care and Principles of Safe Practice in Health and Social Care.


A Grade 5 in HSC GCSE where studied and 4 in English Language

This qualification can lead to a range of Higher Education courses: if studied alongside A levels in Biology and Psychology, it could lead to a BSc (Hons) in Nursing; if studied alongside A levels in English and History it could lead to a BA (Hons) in Primary Education; or if studied alongside the BTEC National Diploma in Sport it could lead to a Foundation Degree in Sports Studies and Development.

The qualifications provide career development opportunities based in Health and Social Care.  There are also progression opportunities to higher education, degree and professional development programmes within the same or related areas of study, within universities and other institutions.

On successful completion of a BTEC level 3 qualification, a learner can progress to or within employment and/or continue their study in health and social care, or a related vocational area.