Sixth Form


BSP 0392


Politics is an academically rigorous course which enables students to develop their knowledge and come to an informed understanding of contemporary political structures and issues in their historical context, both within the United Kingdom and globally.  Students will gain an understanding of the rights and responsibilities of individuals and groups in the political landscape and how this applies to real life issues they and society face in the modern global world.  Students will learn how to critically analyse, interpret and evaluate political information in order to form arguments and make judgements.  The course comprises three equally weighted components: UK Politics, UK Government and Comparative Politics (USA).


5 x GCSE’s at grade 5 or above including English Literature.


Politics gives students the skills to understand the world they are living in and how they and other people or groups can and do influence it.  Politics combines well with all Arts and Humanities based A levels including Philosophy and Ethics, Sociology, History, Geography and English.  Combined with Sciences and mathematics, Politics will provide students with a well-rounded curriculum.Students can progress to university courses that both relate directly to government and politics and also courses that will benefit from the skills acquired from this A level, such as law, economics and philosophy.  It will also benefit students going into employment where analytical skills are essential, for example management, finance, government, industry and business environments.