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School Colours

As a school, we are proud of our students. Proud of their achievements, talents and commitment to not only their study, but to their extra-curricular activities and interests.

At Blessed Hugh Faringdon Catholic School, we celebrate the whole child.

Our school colours are an important part of our student’s identity, celebrating their excellence in and outside of school.

It is important for us to not just recognise outstanding academic achievement but also the amazing work our students do in the local community, our school community and their dedication to sport, drama, music and other competitive activities. School colours will be awarded at Celebration Assemblies throughout the year.

We rely on students to apply for their colours. We welcome nominations from parents, too.

Please encourage your child to complete the link below to receive their school colours this term and celebrate their achievements outside of the classroom. For school colours to be awarded, each student must be a participant for a minimum of three months.

For external activities, we will require evidence of activity – such as an invite from a Musical Director, a reference from a coach or a rehearsal schedule. Please ask your child’s Head of Year if you are unsure.

Some examples of recent student success: -

  • Gold Representative for Grade 6-8, National or International level performance in music, drama and sport.
  • Grade 8 Pianist certification
  • Students performing at National and International level as diverse as Rock climbing, Springboard Diving, Cheer Leading and Synchronised Swimming
  • Students performing with the National Youth Orchestra
  • Silver Representative for Grade 4-5 in music, county and academy level sports
  • Girls County Rugby and Boys playing for London Irish Rugby Club
  • Service Awards for ‘in school volunteering’ for example
    • our chaplaincy team
    • school librarians
    • anti-bullying ambassadors
    • year 7 mentors
  • Volunteer awards for outside school include
    • helpers at English Martyrs Church
    • volunteering at local care homes
    • supporting children with disabilities learn to swim

Lead a school team

Social action campaign leader

Help lead whole school event

Raise money or raise awareness for charity over a sustained period

House and School representative

Form reps or role in Form

Chaplaincy - Support mass / Liturgy

Peer mentoring

Paired reader

Work with younger students to help them develop skills

School ambassador

School council

Helping people - Church, Community Centre

Support a local charity or community group


Coaching, teaching and leadership with a voluntary group (army cadets, Brownies, Youth club)

Social action

Community awareness

Working with the environment or animals

A student who takes part in an extra-curricular activity: sport, skill or activity in or outside of school

Attend practice regularly

Represent the school on a regular basis

Demonstrate good sportsmanship

Arts, Drama, Music, other:

Always present at rehearsals

Show pride in their art work