Sixth Form


BSP 0331

Sociology is the scientific study of social behaviour. It is an academic subject with close links to anthropology and psychology. Sociology is concerned with real-world issues with policy relevance, such as social inequality, organised crime, the social basis of political conflict and mobilization, and changes in family relationships and gender roles. Others see individuals as powerful in shaping society, and look at the power of some people in labelling others as crucial. What is undeniable is that, as individuals, we spend almost all our time in groups, and in order to understand our behaviour we have to examine and assess the impact of those groups and institutions on us.

Why should I choose this course?

Studying Sociology provides an excellent way to develop core skills in writing, presenting and defending arguments. It is a social science that relies primarily on evidence based discussion, extrapolation and writing. This course offers you the opportunity to learn about how human societies are constructed and where our beliefs and daily routines come from, and will help you develop a critical understanding of society. If you are curious about your world, then this is the course for you.

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