Sixth Form

Applied Science - BTEC

BSP 0392


Scientists and technicians working in scientific and science-related industries must have a good understanding of a range of scientific concepts as well as a range of investigative skills. This learner-focused qualification will give you a strong grasp of key concepts across the disciplines of Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Medicine. This understanding can be crucial to anyone with aspirations of working in a scientific discipline or science related, technical industries such as Engineering, Healthcare, Pharmacy, Agriculture or Communications.

 A great focus within Applied Science is on the learner’s ability to eventually, independently carry out complete scientific investigations of their own design, executing complex procedures according to well-designed methods, then analysing their data to draw conclusions.

The skills developed in this qualification include cognitive and problem-solving skills, inter and intrapersonal skills, the ability to learn independently, research methodically and present information to audiences; all skills which will are highly sought after by a large range of employers – even those outside of scientific or technical fields.

Applied Science also provides an opportunity for all learners to develop their ability to read scientific and technical texts, write effectively, analyse data, and carry out varied styles of assessed work, all of which provide excellent preparation to any degree or alternative higher education qualification.


Grade 5 in either Trilogy or separate science  and 4 in Maths


BTEC level 3 science pupils to work in the scientific sector, fields of work include research and development and scientific analysis.  This course could allow progression in almost every industry, from food and drink to pharmaceuticals and working as a science technician.