Sixth Form

Philosophy & Ethics

A-Level Religious Studies - Philosophy, Ethics & Developments in Christian Thought - contributes dynamically to students’ education by provoking challenging questions about meaning and purpose in life. Students are required to be independent thinkers and thus evaluate, and analyse the views of others in a critical manner with an informative, coherent argument. The opportunity to do this comes through debating issues such as: the way humans choose to act, the problem of evil, life after death, conscience, moral issues surrounding life and death, feminism and the impact of religion on an increasingly secular society.
We live in a society, today, where people want answers to ethical and philosophical questions. Without such questioning many major changes that have occurred in society throughout history, would not have been possible – if no one had ever taken the time to think, no one would ever have seen things that were wrong, and so no one would have made changes.
In the quest for knowledge, A-Level Religious Studies can provide some of the foundations.

RS– Philosophy, Ethics and Development in Christian Thought  is a challenging and empowering course which prepares students for the ever changing issues of the 21st Century.   In the quest for knowledge, Philosophy & Ethics can provide some of the foundations. Students will study a range of scholars within 3 sections of Philosophy, Ethics and Developments in Religious Thought, based on Christianity. It enables you to make more sense of the world, and it overlaps into every aspect of life, particularly high-interest topics currently being discussed.  Although a highly academic subject, Philosophy & Ethics can be applied to everyday life.  It equips students with many life skills such as communication, analysis critical thinking and team work. As well as this, it helps create the independent thinkers of your generation!


Grade 6 or above in  Religious Education and English  Literature

We live in a society today where people want answers to ethical and philosophical questions!  Ethics and Philosophy combines well with almost all other AS and A Level subjects such as History, Geography, Law, Sociology, Psychology and English.  In addition, if taken with the Sciences and Mathematics, Religious Studies will give you a broad based curriculum.

Typically A-Level Religious Studies students go on to Higher Education. The transferable skills from Philosophy and Ethics are much sought after by employers and would be very beneficial for careers in Teaching, Medicine, Law, Police, Psychologist, Researcher, Social Work and Management