Sixth Form


BSP 0369


Chemistry is often referred to as the central Science as it combines elements of Physics, Biology, Mathematics and Medicine, and it’s everywhere; it’s in our food, clothes, water, electronic devices, air…you name it, there’s an aspect of Chemistry that will apply to it.

Learning Chemistry teaches you a wide variety of skills such as approaching problems in a logical and methodical manner, it explains the world around you and enables you to seek and understand phenomena.

There’s no denying it though, Chemistry is a complicated subject involving a great deal of dedication to study and understand effectively. There are several things that just have to be memorised, but also a wide range of concepts that you will need to comprehend and apply in unfamiliar contexts, however for those willing, they will develop a solid and valued skill set that will be applicable in any future career, whether based around the Sciences or not.


Grade 6 or above in either Trilogy Science or Separate Science Chemistry, coupled with a Grade 5 or above in Mathematics.


Chemistry is a great choice of subject for people who want a career in health and clinical professions, such as medicine, nursing, biochemistry, dentistry or forensic science. It will also equip you for a career in industry, for example in the petrochemical or pharmaceutical industries