So you're here because you might want to come to Sixth Form, but you don't know what the words mean, what the courses are about or what qualifications you need in order to get on to them? Well you're in the right place!

Level 3 Courses

These are the courses that most people think of when they think of Sixth Form. They are what most pupils move on to after finishing their GCSEs/BTECs at the end of Year 11. Level 3 qualifications recognise the ability to gain, and where relevant apply a range of knowledge, skills and understanding. At Blessed Hugh Faringdon we have a wide range of Level 3 courses which you will find in our course guides and can be studied over one or two years depending on the course.

Option Blocks

Pupils are expected to choose four subjects from option blocks 1-6. You cannot choose two subjects in one block. All students must study a minimum of three subjects to remain in Sixth Form, It may be possible to choose 4 subjects only if they were an extension of the same subject, for example Maths and Further Maths or Sport Certificate and Diploma.
Pupils wishing to choose a combination of subjects that is prohibited by these blocks can contact the school to discuss their requirements as it is sometimes possible to find solutions to these problems.

Course Guide


Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4 Block 5 Optional Extra Subjects
Physics Further Maths Biology Chemistry Maths Polish
Business Studies English Literature Art & Design Sociology History Elite Rugby
Drama Design and Technology Product Design Music Religious Education - Philosophy and Ethics Geography  
  Media Studies French   Psychology  
    Government & Politics      


Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4 Block 5
BTEC Travel and Tourism Extended Certificate BTEC Sport Extended Certificate BTEC Travel and Tourism Diploma BTEC Health and Social Care Extended Certificate BTEC Science Extended Certificate
 BTEC Sport Diploma BTEC Health and Social Care Diploma