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All that happens in Blessed Hugh Faringdon Catholic School occurs within the context of the school’s Mission Statement (in accordance with the Trust Deed for the maintenance and advancement of the Catholic religion).

Written: September 2020
Updated: September 2020
Adopted: September 2020
Persons Responsible: SLT and Headteacher
Committee: Curriculum and Personnel
Review Due: June 2021/Annual

Blessed Hugh Faringdon Catholic School is "Committed to Gospel Values". The Gospel of Jesus Christ invites all who follow its teaching to the fullness of life. Discipleship in the Gospel is a life-long journey of faith coming to complete fulfillment only in the presence of God in heaven. The entire life of a disciple is marked by learning and growth. We believe that Jesus is present in the day to day life of our school, that each member of our community has a divine origin and an eternal destiny. We believe that through his Incarnation, Jesus affirmed us as whole people and redeemed us through his resurrection. We believe therefore that the intrinsic dignity of each member of our school community is to be honoured in spirit, in word, in deed and in law. These beliefs underpin our approach and thereby commit us to encouraging all members of our community, staff and pupils alike, to grow towards human wholeness. 

BHFCS Uniform

All items of uniform should be clearly labelled. 


  • Trousers: Plain Grey school trousers (no jeans, chinos or other fashion trousers)
  • Shirt: Plain White school shirt
  • Tie: School Tie
  • Shoes: Plain Black (no boots, trainers, canvas shoes, pumps or fashion shoes e.g. Vans etc)
  • Jumper: V-Necked Maroon with School Badge (optional under blazer)
  • Socks: Black or Grey
  • Blazer: Maroon 


  • Trousers: Plain grey tailored
  • Shirt: Plain White school shirt
  • Tie: School tie
  • Socks/Tights: Plain White, Grey or Black with no decoration, Patterned tights are not allowed
  • Jumper: V-Necked Maroon with School Badge (optional under blazer)
  • Shoes: Plain Black (no trainers, boots, canvas or fashion shoes e.g. Vans etc.). Heels should be no higher than 2 inches
  • Blazer: Maroon with school badge, purchased from Valentino Schoolwear Ltd. Student Uniform Policy/ C&P / September 2020
  • Skirt:

          - Year 7 to 9 - Banded school skirt available from Valentino Schoolwear Ltd
          - Years 10 to 11 - Banded school skirt available from Valentino Schoolwear Ltd 
            Plain Grey skirt (must be no more than 2 inches above or below the knee, no splits unless box/kick pleat centre back only) until it becomes necessary to replace a skirt, then it must be replaced with the banded school skirt available from Valentino Schoolwear Ltd.

  • Trousers: these should be school wear, and not fashion, trousers e.g. not skinny trousers. They should not be in Lycra material. They should be grey in colour; black is not permitted. 

Please note that with effect from September 2018 new pupils must wear banded school skirts available from Valentino Schoolwear Ltd. 

Top coats should be plain and dark in colour. No Leather/PVC/Denim top coats or hooded sweatshirts are permitted. 

Bags must be plain and dark in colour. A rucksack style bag worn across both shoulders is recommended to alleviate problems of back pain later in life. 



  • Blessed Hugh Faringdon Polo Shirt
  • Blessed Hugh Faringdon Rugby Shirt
  • Black Shorts (Blessed Hugh Faringdon Shorts or all black shorts with a small branded logo)
  • Black Tracksuit bottoms (Only allowed a sports brand logo)
  • Socks – Black or White
  • All Black Sport Leggings Only – Shorts must be worn over the top if wearing leggings. Normal leggings are not allowed.
  • Shin Pads for Football
  • Gum Shields for Rugby 

Please note, the following items are not permitted as part of the PE Kit:

  • No hoodies
  • No other colours
  • No sports teams emblems
  • Normal leggings 


  • School crested black tracksuit jumper
  • School crested black tracksuit pants
  • White thermal skin
  • Kit bag Student Uniform Policy/ C&P / September 2020

Please note that Training Shoes for indoor use in the Sports Hall should have clear, non-coloured soles and can be purchased through sports shops or other stores. 


Make-up, nail varnish and conspicuous hairdressings are NOT permitted because they are not suitable for school and can pose hazards in some of the specialised activities that take place within the school.

  • Hair must be kept clean, tidy and of reasonable length
  • Students should have their natural hair colour whilst in school, unusual, exaggerated and coloured hairstyles are NOT permitted; this includes hairstyles which are deemed by the Head teacher to be excessively long or short, patterned corn rows and other patterned haircuts are not permitted.
  • Students are not permitted to wear nail varnish, including gel, acrylic or artificial nails and nail extensions in any form.
  • Students are allowed to wear one ring and one pair of small metal stud earrings in the lower ear lobe only.
  • Bracelets are not allowed and necklaces should be out of sight.
  • Make-up is not permitted for Years 7-11.
  • No other piercings, including nose studs, eyebrow and tongue piercings are permitted.
  • Tattoos or body art are not permitted. 

If the above rules are not adhered to, the students will be placed temporarily in the Focus Room, pending an exclusion. 

Please note: It is illegal to tattoo young people under the age of 18. A person in the UK must be at least 18 years before they can have a tattoo; it is illegal for anyone to have a tattoo under 18 even with parental consent. A visible tattoo is one which cannot be covered by properly worn school clothing, including during PE, sport and practical activities. A breach of this policy will be dealt with in the same way as a breach of uniform and the student will have to remove the item before returning to school. As tattooing a minor is illegal, all such cases will be referred to the relevant authorities. 

Notes of Guidance for Parents – if you are in doubt, please contact the school – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:

  • Mrs L Richards – Key Stage 3 Pastoral & Achievement Co-ordinator for Years 7, 8 and 9
  • Mrs G Craig – Key Stage 4 Pastoral & Achievement Co-ordinator for Years 10, & 11
  • Mr J Eassom – Key Stage 5 Student Support for Years 12 & 13