One of the most important items you will be given when you start Blessed Hugh Faringdon Catholic School is your Planner.

This is the document which helps you to organise your day both at school and at home. It contains vital information like your school and homework timetables, details of school uniform requirements, a calendar of termly events and most important of all, a section for teachers and parents to communicate with each other on a daily basis. Teachers will write comments about good work done and merit marks given as well as making a note of things you have not done. Your parents are encouraged to reply to staff comments and add their own.

Your Planner must be read and signed each week by your Form Tutor and each weekend by your parents. This is to keep everyone informed about what is happening in your school life.

A Planner lasts for a school year and you will be given a new one at the start of each school year. If you forget to bring your Planner to school, expect to be punished, as you cannot function effectively without it.

If you lose your Planner, you must purchase a replacement from the school office.

You must keep your Planner neat and tidy. Do not draw on the pages but use them appropriately.

  • Record messages between home and school,e.g. problems with homework, GP or dentist appointment.
  • Record your homework.
  • Record your timetable accurately.
  • Record reminders to yourself.
  • Have your planner with you in all lessons, enter homework when it is set and take the planner home every evening.
  • Your tutor will check the planner regularly. Its loss is a serious matter and must be reported immediately.
  • When planning work, make sure you fully understand what you have to do. If not, then ask your teacher.
  • Writing your homework down is a must. Watch out for the sudden planner checks!
  • Do not cover your student planner with graffiti it is the property of the school.