Blessed Hugh Faringdon Sixth Form places value on each individual, encouraging and supporting every student to make the most of their many and varied talents. We expect our students to take every opportunity to ensure that at the end of their Sixth Form studies they fulfil their academic potential and develop into confident, well-rounded young people, ready to take their place in the world.

Senior Leadership Team

Students who apply for the Senior Leadership Team positions undergo a rigorous and competitive selection process, as they would for a job once they have left school.

The President and Vice-President lead the whole school throughout the year and head up the School Council. Other responsibilities include arranging social events, speaking at all important whole school events and coordinating several Sixth Form events always working alongside the Head of Sixth Form and the Head Teacher. As school leaders they will attend key meetings such as the Wellington Leadership Conference and be given additional privileges above and beyond those granted to other pupils. There will also be roles for a Charity and Community representative on the team.

Peer Mentoring

Sixth Form volunteers have the opportunity to train with our school counsellor to be Peer Mentors to younger members of the school. Once you qualify, you are paired up with a student from the lower school and meet with them on a weekly basis to provide support, encouragement and to be a good listener. We are very proud of our Sixth Form mentors and of the positive difference they have made in service to others.

Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl

Working alongside the Head Boy and Head Girl you will collaborate on Sixth Form improvements and planning major events. In addition you will become the head of either "The Community Programme", Adopt-a-teacher, "The Literacy programme" or Newsletter editor. Download the full job description​ (attachments).

Literacy Programme

This programme allows Sixth Formers to volunteer as a weekly commitment to read with designated younger students who will benefit from their time and maturity. This will develop students in Sixth Form and shows our younger pupils what it means to be a successful Sixth Former.

Adopt-a-Teacher Programme

This allows Sixth Form students to volunteer on a term-by-term basis to help support a teacher in a subject that they enjoyed in lower school. Whether it's one period a week or several, you will be able to help in a wide variety of ways including delivering lessons, helping coach pupils, preparing materials and even co-teaching.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

A popular extra-curricular option; the Duke of Edinburgh Award gives students the opportunity to develop a range of skills whilst having a lot of fun and achieving a nationally-recognised award. The four main areas are Volunteering, Skills, Physical and the Expedition. Sixth Form students pursue the Gold Award.

Music and Drama

As with sport, there are opportunities for Sixth Formers to lead and perform in the drama productions or the school band and/or orchestra. Sixth formers represent the school in the choir and perform at concerts. They are actively encouraged to help with coaching the younger year groups in both music and drama.

Year 13 Yearbook Committee

Pupils are selected to edit and print their own leaver's book. This involves regular meetings to discuss the layout, design and articles for their yearbook. As well as the yearbook the Sixth Form act as the editors to the school website blog.

Sports Opportunities

Sixth Formers are actively encouraged to assist younger year groups with Sport by helping through coaching, mentoring and even taking training sessions in conjunction with the PE department.
Sixth Formers will have the opportunity to represent the school at sporting events including football, rugby, cricket basketball and athletics. All these sports develop leadership skills and sixth formers are seen as role models to the younger students. Furthermore, Sixth Form students play a key role in the successful delivery of Sports Day each year.

Why Bother?

Being an 11 - 18 school there many good opportunities for our Sixth Formers to be role models and potential leaders. The development of leadership skills is a real strength of our Sixth Form and students must remember that in the competitive world of university places and securing employment that it is expected that they have moved above and beyond just turning up for lessons!

Something else?

In Sixth Form we are always looking to develop new ideas and opportunities for our students. If you have a particular area of interest or something that you would like to get started in Sixth Form that we do not already offer why not meet with Ms Jordan to take your idea forward and make it a reality!