Blessed Hugh Faringdon was founded in the 1950‚ by and for the Catholic Community in Reading. £200,000 was raised by the Catholic Community to purchase the land and build the school. The efforts were led by Archbishop John Henry King who cajoled the parishes of Reading to raise money through subscriptions, garden fetes, bazaars and bank loans to make the dream of a Catholic school in Reading a reality.​ 

The school opened its doors in 1958 to 60 pupils and the first Governing Body consisted of 9 people including Canon Murphy, and Fathers Kirk, Collins, O'Malley and Donnelly. The first of the school's Headteachers was appointed, Mr MP Healy, and he stayed for 18 years and set the school on its way. The school celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2008 and has expanded beyond all recognition with a thriving 6th form and its best ever exam results in 2013.

Blessed Hugh Faringdon himself has connections to the Reading area. He was Abbott of the Reading Benedictine Abbey in 1520. He frequently entertained Henry VIII at the Abbey but fell out with the King when he supported the church. He was martyred in 1539 opposite the present St James Church.

"Every child matters is well embedded in the school and the Headteacher and his leadership team are committed to providing every student with a good all round education"