“Blessed Hugh Faringdon Catholic School and 6th Form Centre is committed to ensuring that its students will be effective citizens, producers and consumers of the 21st Century. Effective financial education is a key element to understanding these responsibilities”.
Dr S Uttley

What has been going on in Financial Literacy at Blessed Hugh Faringdon Catholic School this term?

The students here at Blessed Hugh Faringdon have been busy over the past few months getting involved in a variety of financial education activities.
Where to begin?
Two year 9 students were busy baking and selling some cakes from 10p-£1 in order to raise money for a Cancer charity. They worked hard to understand the costs of their ingredients and set appropriate selling prices in order to make as much money for charity. In the end they earned an amazing £60 toward their chosen charity. A great success for all.

The whole of year 9 took part in a budgeting activity during the latest PSHE day. According to some students it was “really helpful to learn about how I could spend my daily money better in the canteen” and that they would like to learn more about “how to not get into debt” On average the session scored a 4/5 from the students.
In September, Business Students visited Wimbledon Tennis Club. In addition to touring the site the group learnt how Wimbledon secures income over the whole year given the seasonality of the game – the income from school visits being one such source along with conference facilities, a very exclusive health club and much more.
Now into December lots is going on. Firstly, a group of 30 Year 9 student have taken part in a business day presented by Ella’s Kitchen. This got them really into the mindset of this iconic food brand, exposing them to the world of business marketing, finance and creating new products to produce a business plan.

Secondly, Blessed Hugh Faringdon welcomes Barclays in December to present a workshop on  Managing Money for all Year 8 students and the Year 10 Business students. The group sees a great chance to look at Money Management within their own personal life and ask a range of questions to the experts.

We look forward to more activities coming up in the future!