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Blessed Hugh Faringdon Catholic School is a Specialist School in Mathematics and  in the Performing Arts.

Headteacher John Casey has said “We have an outstanding Mathematics department in the school under the visionary leadership of Ms Janice Storch".

The department scores strongly in a number of areas:

  • Outstanding teaching at Key Stage 3, GCSE and "A" level. 
  • Excellent exam results at GCSE.
  • Excellent exam results in Maths and Further Maths at A level.
  • A level is the most popular A level in the school - 22 candidates in 2016.
  • We work hard to overcome any barriers to learning in Mathematics through one to one and small group support.
  • Appropriate teaching to take account of continuous student progress in Mathematics – they get pushed on when they are ready.
  • Appropriate challenge to push students out of their mathematical comfort zone.
  • An exciting range of extra curricular activities using the UK Mathematics Trust “Maths Challenge and Maths Olympiad” programme.
  • Involvement in the work of the Royal Society (we are the only School in Reading who is a member).
  • Involvement in the STEM (Science, Technology and Maths) scheme  and support for our partner primary schools.

If you like Mathematics or want to achieve well in Mathematics and Science, you can do so at Blessed Hugh Faringdon Catholic School. Clearly the improvement in Mathematics has paid dividends for our Science department, who continue to achieve excellent exam results at  GCSE and A level.

In September 2013 the school introduced the "Maths Mastery" programme into Year 7 with the long term aim of embedding problem solving and deep thinking into the Maths curriculum which will lead to greater understanding of mathematical principles for later life.   Three years on this is clearly working.

The school has increased its range of A-Level subjects with Further Mathematics introduced in September 2012, alongside the existing offer of Maths, Physics, Chemistry  and Biology A-Levels and the full Level 3 BTEC in Science.