“Blessed Hugh Faringdon Catholic School and 6th Form Centre is committed to ensuring that its students will be effective citizens, producers and consumers of the 21st Century. Effective financial education is a key element to understanding these responsibilities”.
Dr S Uttley

July 2017 Update

As part of their Induction into the school, our new students starting with us, in September, had their first taste of Financial Education at BHF as they took part in an introductory session on Junior Tax Facts. Working with their tutors, students looked at why and how taxes are gathered and had to consider how they’d best spend the £537 billion collected by HMRC! Quite a challenge for 11 year-olds but one they relished.

During the July PSHE Day, Year 10 students many of whom are considering some part-time work had the opportunity to work with from our Business Class Partner School,  Prudential, to develop their  interview technique to help them get that step ahead in life. A key consideration was to explore the reality of life, as a working adult, with rent or a mortgage to pay and day to day living expenses to cover.

As part of the same event Year 12 students enjoyed a Banking- related session that is one of a range of lessons to help prepare them to manage their finances as they depart for university or embark upon a career. Future topics include; Being a Smart Consumer, Credit and Loans and Running a Home.

These sessions all form part of our drive to embed Financial Literacy in the student experience at Blessed Hugh Faringdon and raise student awareness of the opportunities available and the challenges they will face.